Mechanic & Auto Detailing

Mechanic & Auto Detailing

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One thing Americans love doing is washing the car. But the best way to leave a car gleaming like a jewel is to give it an auto detailing treatment. In fact, many American car owners are going the detailing route more frequent times than ever before.

Auto detailing is a process that involves giving the car more than just a wash-and–wax. Professional detailers pay close attention to small details when cleaning the car. It starts with dusting and cleaning the interior, washing the wheels, inspecting the paint and finishing with tires.

How to start car detailing & mechanic business

If you have an eye for detail you can quickly start and run a successful auto detailing business on SideGigs.

Auto detailing business is usually very competitive. But like other businesses, you need to plan your operations, conduct effective marketing and perform quality work. Additionally, you need workspace, equipment and cleaning chemicals. Detailing requires working with a variety of hand tools and machines, physical fitness and stamina are essential.

How to make your auto detailing and mechanics business successful on SideGigs

In order to enhance the growth of your mechanics and car detailing business on SideGigs here’s what to do:

Be professional – treat your customers gently and act professionally. Be punctual, friendly and polite to your clients. The key here is to establish trusting relationship with your customers for repeat business.


Create partnerships – try to establish relationships with auto repair shops and car dealers in your locality to increase your customer base. Partnerships help your business gain exposure and bring new clients via word-of mouth.


Join SideGigs to get more customers in your locality, increase sales and grow your car detailing business. Get access to a large pool of customers, build trusting relationships and sell more.

SideGigs is a fast-growing marketplace offering freelance services like mechanics and auto detailing to local businesses and individuals. SideGigs is the perfect online marketplace where you offer professional car detailing services and get paid for what you’re worth.

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